Virus Hunter Island preview!

The creators announced today that there is a new Virus Hunter Island preview game! It’s called “Nano- Combat Training” and is only for paid members. We will likely have a walkthrough for it soon. We still don’t know when this island releases but everyone has been waiting patiently since April!

Happy 4th of July!

Have a happy 4th of July everybody! We would like to celebrate this holiday by meeting me in Poptropica! Come to the Coconut Cafe on Shark Tooth Island at 6 pm central to celebrate with Poptropica Pages! When you enter, look for Bendy Starfish.Make sure to bring your fireworks!

Back Lot Island part 1: Welcome to Hollywood

Apparently, fate doesn’t want us to have a video for part 1! We’ve recorded and edited, but there were difficulties uploading it. Here is a written one:

1) when you arrive, the Paparazzi surround you, thinking that you’re a star!

2) Enter the One of a Kind talent search building and talk to the lady @ the desk.

3) go to the right until you see a strange looking guy in as green sweater with glasses.

4) talk to him, he will give you a camera.

5) return to main street and go left of the blimp

6) talk to the guy with the camera and show him the camera

7) he will give you a film. use the film and it will put the film in the camera 

8) return to the green sweater guy and go to the balcony overlooking the studio

9) use the camera and focus it down, near a gate you will see a man, take a photo of him

10) all the sudden, an earthquake will knock you into the studio!

11) walk to the left and open the gate. then go right.

12) a woman will walk out and talk to you.

13) Go into the soundstage and walk on the set.

14) the actor will get mad and quit!

15) go outside and talk to the woman, she will let you use the cart

16) drive down, then right and park at the trailer.

17) knock on the door, for Kirk to work again, you must refill his coffee!

More in the next part! hopefully, we can have the other parts as video!

Thank you all for your patience.   

Another April Fools joke!

Happy April fools day everybody! The Poptropica creators posted a post on this link:

Poptropica 3D glasses! On Sale for $999!

Who’s going to buy 3D glasses for that price! They may be just pranking us like they did last year with the noses ( we will have another poll on this one as well