the first 2 rescues of S.O.S.

First, you swim behind the ice wall and climb to the ledge above the main deck. Then you push a ice ball that destroys the ice wall blocking the entrance to the Pequod. Enter the ship and enter the bridge and talk to the captain. He then lets you turn a switch that unlocks the cabin doors. Go up the hall to cabin #6 and talk to him. then you take him to the rescue camp. You get a whale song device from him.


Return to the ship and swim to the ballroom. There is a woman that cant swim. Go downstairs and pick up the root beer. Go to one of the glass columns and shoot the cap at it. You need to do it a few times and the water releases.The room’s water rises. Repeat on the other side. The woman is on a raft. You push her to the door and go to the rescue camp. Come back tomorrow for the next rescue from the sinking ship Pequod  

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