Save the chef!

The 4th rescue is to save the chef on the Pequod.


Return to the ship and swim to the 1st life preserver and climb to the top using ledges, ropes etc..Enter the hole. in this room watch our for the steam as you climb to the top-center and push a cube of junk down the left side into the water. a cut- scene shows a propellor fall into the water. Go to the propellor and push it and click on “GO DOWN”. You are now in the ballroom. Swim left and click”EXIT”. Surface and climb up the broken lights and enter a vent. enter the freezer and click on boxes unil the chef (that is frozen) falls out. push him out of the freezer and push him down . when you see a box, push it to fill up places where he would get stuck. the 2nd place where he would get stuck requires a box and a lettuce crate found on a ledge. push him into a heater where he melts. then you save him and bring him to the rescue camp. Come back tomorrow to see how to save the captain!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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