the final rescue!

Welcome back! This is the final rescue on S.O.S. island in poptropica:  the captain of the Pequod !


Return to the ship,(It’s upside down! :)) Enter the hole . Swim right,up, down, left (watch out for eels!), up, left. Then enter ballroom. swim to top left corner (while doing this watch out for: jellyfish, currents and your air supply wich can be restored by bubbles) enter the vent wich takes you to the hallway. swim right, and enter the first vent after the fallen lights. this takes you to the galley. swim along the open path (watch out for the wierd sea creatures that have eating utensils on them;) go left, this takes you to the bridge. swim to the left wall ( watch out for unusually large crabs(what is up with these obstacles!!!!!!!!!)) swim down, then right and talk to the captain. it is revealed that the wreck was caused by the captain crashing into an iceberg while chasing a whale. use pipe wrench to turn the knob on the whale song device. use whale song device. the whale shows up, breaks a window, sucks you and the captain in it’s mouth, and squirts you and the capt. out it’s blowhole at the rescue camp. the capt. thanks you for saving him and gives you the medallion. YAY we finished S.O.S. island. come back to this website for more walkthroughs

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