Polynesian themed island?

by:slippery penguin

In the sneak peeks section of daily pop, there were some intresting pictures of an island that looks like a mixture of mythology(statues) and a tropical paradise. Possibly, an ancient Polynesian themed island? We’ll feed you the info when it’s available! By the way, Polynesia is a cultural group in the islands of the southern Pacific Ocean including Hawaii.

twisted thicket info!

Like all other 2012 islands in poptropica, this island has a bonus quest at the end. It also has a members only pack. It includes: a lumberjerk (1 for guys and 1 for girls), a troll outfit, and a dryad (woodland sprite) follower. the storyline takes place in a seaside village being attacked by creatures from a nearby enchanted forest. It’s up to you to stop them! in some of the pictures it shows Scandinavian words like: Bjorn’s Shmorgasbord and Nokken( I didnt know how to do the cross through the o or the dots over the vowels ) we will have more info as soon as it’s available!

vampire’s curse prologue

by:fierce sponge

This post is what we think is Count Bram’s past. We got confused near the end so we did a little thinking and research here at the studio. here’s what we came up with!

In the 1800s a man named Count Bram (“count” was a high class position in Europe back then) lived in a castle near a mountain village with his wife, Annabelle. One day when the count was walking, a vampire bat bit him(this is how he became a vampire(when you saved him,he became mortal so that means that vampires are immortal which is why he said he could finally be with his wife))! Soon after, Annabelle dies and Count Bram is determined to find a cure so he is mortal. He searches for the cure for the next 150 years (which explains the root causes book and the strange notes in his notebook). In 2012, when a teenage couple go for a walk ,he captures Katya. If you look at his wife’s picture, Katya looks just like Annabelle! (which explains why he captured her because he’s been trying to get with her after 150 years of trying to die just so he could be with her in heaven) Then (insert your poptropican’s name)comes and finds the cure, saves Katya and, turns Count Bram into a mortal. When you save the count, he’s really old (I guess your frozen in age when immortal but when you return to mortality, all that time of immortality adds to your age which explains why he dies almost instantly). I hope this cleared it up for you, if you have any questions just comment in the permalink

the grand finale of vampire’s curse island

by:slippery penguin

This is the final part of our walkthrough!!!!!!!!!!

After falling out the window, you are unconcious for a few seconds then you follow Katya up the towers. While doing this, equip the garlic extract and click when Count Bram gets close to you. Vampires hate garlic so it slows him down. At the top of the tower, you climb a ladder to the balcony with Katya then it falls. you’re problably(please excuse my poor spelling) thinking “YAY!!!!!!!!!!!, Count Bram cant catch us!” But no,that’s wrong, Count Bram turns into a bat and flies up. equip crossbow. Katya puts the syringe in the crossbow. Aim at Count Bram bat and FIRE! Count Bram falls with you and Katya into the grand hall. he turns into a very old man and dies so he could be with his wife (she does look like Katya!). Christopher comes in and Katya and him get into a romantic conversation. then they kiss (YUCKKKKKKKKKK!). You then walk to the count’s robe (medallion received)

Later today, we will have a post explaining how we think a prologue might be for this island because it was a little confusing BYE!

the laborotory to the towers

by:fierce sponge

We are sorry for the long wait for the part before the final part of our walkthrough. here it is!

after gathering the items in the lab, walk out the door, cross the terrace and to the opposite door. this is the throne room. jump on the casket and onto the left balcony. jump up to the cage and talk to Katya (the captured village teenager) she will tell you to find a book called: “Root Causes” exit the throne room and jump off the terrace, down to the castle entrance. enter the red door and to the bookshelf on the right side of the fire. on the 4th or 5th shelf, there is the Root Causes book (Root Causes received) read the page about the mandrake root. it says it lives on rocky ledges. look at the picture as well. exit the hall and walk to the arch. click exit . walk to the right to the wall. equip the crossbow and make another arrow ladder. climb quckly or the ladder will fall. at the top, jump to the ledge with the root growing on it (mandrake root received) the scene is the same as the picture in the book. Great, you have the ingredients for the anti-vampirism cure. go to the lab (directions to get there is in the post titled “armory to the laborotory”). click on the microscope. the mixture is: mandrake root=1 wilted wolfsbane: 3 garlic extract:3 (anti-vampirism seringe received). exit the door and into the opposite door. walk to the right and click on the barrel to the right of the cellar. use mouse to aim at the key. then hold down on the mouse to grab the key (cage key received )go up to katya and use the key to free her. then count bram comes out and you jump out the window.

we will have the final part of the walkthrough tomorrow (march 17)


by:fierce sponge

we are sooooooooooooo sorry we didnt post part 4 of our vampire’s curse island walkthrough. we didnt have computer acess while on vacation (we have spring break this week!). we will have it posted later this evening or tomorrow. yesterday (we wish we couldve posted it the day it came out but had no acess to a computer), the poptropica creators posted the name of the nTwisted Thicket Islandew island:

   “Twisted Thicket”-Poptropica

    At www.blog.poptropica.com you can see the trailer or at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1r5KOLUHrGs

the armory to the laborotory

by:slippery penguin

after entering the armory, click on the bow and arrow(crossbow received). walk to the left and click on the cannonball to load into cannon. go get a candle, light it and then re-enter the armory and light the cannon with the candle. the cannon flips. reload and light the cannon. the cannonball goes into the hall push it towords the fire. on your way pull the lever to get the mini elevator. push to fire, the cannonball heats up. grab the stick on the right of the fire and use it to push the hot cannonball into the mini-elevator. return to the armory and reload and light the cannon and it breaks the ceiling. climb up cannon and to the ledge on the right.(bucket received) equip crossbow and make a ladder out of arrows on the left wall. climb this quickly or it will fall. ar the top there is a ledge, jump onto it. use crowbar to open window. go back down and exit armory go to the far right of the great hall. there should be a door. if you didnt unlock it during our last walkthrough, use crowbar to unlock. exit and use bucket near a fountain . it fills with water return to armory and go to through the ceiling( you need to make another arrow ladder) use the bucet of water and the plant grows into a huge vine! exit via window and follow vine along the roof and at the top use the leafs to get to the window. enter the window. this is the laborotory. get the book on the table ( count bram’s notebook received). read some of the pages(apparently it has a recipie for anti vampirism). go to the far right and click on the lever. the hot cannonball in the mini elevator rolls under the wolfsbane. click on the wolfsbane(wilted wolfsbane received) click on the faucet on the table that has tomatoes in it(you can fly!) fly to the top shelf(garlic received). the wilted wolfsbane and garlic are part of the recipie for anti vampirism but where is the final ingredient(mandrake root)? find out in the next part tomorrow!

The mausoleum to the armory

by:fierce sponge  This is part 2 of our walkthrough.

Exit the Mausoleum and walk right. on the 2nd mausoleum, click on the gutter and drop it below the faucet. stand on the faucet and water should get redirected into the pit via the gutter. you may need to move the gutter if the water isnt redirected. once the pit is full, swim across. click enter on the arch. this is the castle grounds. just to the left of the arch there is a rock, push it to the right into the first fountain to block it. on the left of the arch there is a rock wedged in a larger rock. go in inventory and use crowbar to pry the rock out. push it to the 2nd fountain to block it. to the right of the fountains, there is a rock ladder. climb it and push the rock down, therefore blocking the 4th fountain. the 3rd fountain has gotten considerably higher because it is the only opening for the water. ride the fountain to the window above and click enter.(the main door by the fountain is locked) This is the grand hall. go to the fire and use the log , then use the teen vampire novel, then stand on the air shooter feeding the fire making it large. use a purple candle (click on fire to light it) to find the ladder then push the ladder to the left of the fireplace in front of bookshelf( the ladder can be found on the right of the fireplace) get another purple candle, light it, and climb up the ladder. jump left to get to a ledge, walk left along ledge and jump onto the small ledge then onto the chandelier that gets lit automatically.go back to fire, get another candle but dont light it yet. go to the first chandelier then light the candle, jump up-right to the second chandelier lighting up automaticaly. return to fire and get a candle but dont light it yet. climb to second chandelier and light your candle . jump down to a ledge then up to the 3rd chandelier lighting up automaticaly. get a candle and return to 3rd chandelier, then light your candle. jump right  onto a ledge similar to the one on the left side. then onto a smaller ledge then over to chandelier #4. the room should be totally lit now.(you dont have to do this but directly below the fourth chandelier is the locked door.use the crowbar and it’s unlocked. you can use this door now) below the bookshelf where the ladder is there should be an eye(Glass Eye recieved) climb the ladder to the tiger head. use the glass eye and the tiger’s mouth reveals a key (armory key recived) go to the door on the far left side and use armory key. click enter. this is the armory

tomorrow the next part should be available BYE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

the village to the mausoleum

by Fierce Sponge:

This is part 1 of our Vampire’s curse island walkthrough. Hope it’s helpful! Fall off the blimp and talk to the crying woman. She says that her daughter, Katya, is missing with her boyfreind Christopher. Walk right and don’t be startled when lightning strikes and rain falls right when you cross the farm! Pass the movie theater(what’s that doing in a mideval village!). Continue to the right and click on go right. Talk to Christopher. Apparenty he’s too scared to save his girlfreind (some boyfreind, huh!?). Climb to the rock pillar and a big, black wolf attacks you. walk right ( dont fall into the thorns!), click on the hole in the tree trunk and use the branch as the wolf runs by. he falls over, YAY! walk right and jump over the thorn pit. climb up the stairs and left onto the arch. go up the rope and onto the 2nd arch(higher than the first one) and jump on the tree limb. a cutscene shows the wolf attack you again and you fall into a thorn pit (log received) go up to the 2nd arch but use the vines because the tree limb fell when the wolf attacked you. go to the ledge and up to the ledge above it. the wolf is run-pacing along the bridge and ledge so you may get chomped. click on the edge of the bridge and it falls with the wolf.( finally he’s dead!) go down to the 1st arch and climb up the ladder that was once the bridge and go right. walk along the graves ( the thunder, lightning can happen at any second, so don’t get startled) enter the first door, this is the mausoleum. there are 2 items to get. a book on the right side of the statue (teen vampire novel received) and a crowbar on the left side of the statue( crowbar recived).

tomorrow we will have part 2 of this walkthrough. BYE!!!!!!

P.S. I’m sorry I coudnt post this on saturday, the internet was not working at our house.

Vampires curse is here

Vampire’s Curse island  is open for members and a limited demo is available for non members. yesterday it released for members but didnt get the news to you because weve been so busy playing it! on saturday, march 3 we should have part 1 of our walkthrough on this website. we also will have a poll running until april 2 for you to vote for if you beleive in vampires!