the village to the mausoleum

by Fierce Sponge:

This is part 1 of our Vampire’s curse island walkthrough. Hope it’s helpful! Fall off the blimp and talk to the crying woman. She says that her daughter, Katya, is missing with her boyfreind Christopher. Walk right and don’t be startled when lightning strikes and rain falls right when you cross the farm! Pass the movie theater(what’s that doing in a mideval village!). Continue to the right and click on go right. Talk to Christopher. Apparenty he’s too scared to save his girlfreind (some boyfreind, huh!?). Climb to the rock pillar and a big, black wolf attacks you. walk right ( dont fall into the thorns!), click on the hole in the tree trunk and use the branch as the wolf runs by. he falls over, YAY! walk right and jump over the thorn pit. climb up the stairs and left onto the arch. go up the rope and onto the 2nd arch(higher than the first one) and jump on the tree limb. a cutscene shows the wolf attack you again and you fall into a thorn pit (log received) go up to the 2nd arch but use the vines because the tree limb fell when the wolf attacked you. go to the ledge and up to the ledge above it. the wolf is run-pacing along the bridge and ledge so you may get chomped. click on the edge of the bridge and it falls with the wolf.( finally he’s dead!) go down to the 1st arch and climb up the ladder that was once the bridge and go right. walk along the graves ( the thunder, lightning can happen at any second, so don’t get startled) enter the first door, this is the mausoleum. there are 2 items to get. a book on the right side of the statue (teen vampire novel received) and a crowbar on the left side of the statue( crowbar recived).

tomorrow we will have part 2 of this walkthrough. BYE!!!!!!

P.S. I’m sorry I coudnt post this on saturday, the internet was not working at our house.

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