The mausoleum to the armory

by:fierce sponge  This is part 2 of our walkthrough.

Exit the Mausoleum and walk right. on the 2nd mausoleum, click on the gutter and drop it below the faucet. stand on the faucet and water should get redirected into the pit via the gutter. you may need to move the gutter if the water isnt redirected. once the pit is full, swim across. click enter on the arch. this is the castle grounds. just to the left of the arch there is a rock, push it to the right into the first fountain to block it. on the left of the arch there is a rock wedged in a larger rock. go in inventory and use crowbar to pry the rock out. push it to the 2nd fountain to block it. to the right of the fountains, there is a rock ladder. climb it and push the rock down, therefore blocking the 4th fountain. the 3rd fountain has gotten considerably higher because it is the only opening for the water. ride the fountain to the window above and click enter.(the main door by the fountain is locked) This is the grand hall. go to the fire and use the log , then use the teen vampire novel, then stand on the air shooter feeding the fire making it large. use a purple candle (click on fire to light it) to find the ladder then push the ladder to the left of the fireplace in front of bookshelf( the ladder can be found on the right of the fireplace) get another purple candle, light it, and climb up the ladder. jump left to get to a ledge, walk left along ledge and jump onto the small ledge then onto the chandelier that gets lit automatically.go back to fire, get another candle but dont light it yet. go to the first chandelier then light the candle, jump up-right to the second chandelier lighting up automaticaly. return to fire and get a candle but dont light it yet. climb to second chandelier and light your candle . jump down to a ledge then up to the 3rd chandelier lighting up automaticaly. get a candle and return to 3rd chandelier, then light your candle. jump right  onto a ledge similar to the one on the left side. then onto a smaller ledge then over to chandelier #4. the room should be totally lit now.(you dont have to do this but directly below the fourth chandelier is the locked door.use the crowbar and it’s unlocked. you can use this door now) below the bookshelf where the ladder is there should be an eye(Glass Eye recieved) climb the ladder to the tiger head. use the glass eye and the tiger’s mouth reveals a key (armory key recived) go to the door on the far left side and use armory key. click enter. this is the armory

tomorrow the next part should be available BYE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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