the armory to the laborotory

by:slippery penguin

after entering the armory, click on the bow and arrow(crossbow received). walk to the left and click on the cannonball to load into cannon. go get a candle, light it and then re-enter the armory and light the cannon with the candle. the cannon flips. reload and light the cannon. the cannonball goes into the hall push it towords the fire. on your way pull the lever to get the mini elevator. push to fire, the cannonball heats up. grab the stick on the right of the fire and use it to push the hot cannonball into the mini-elevator. return to the armory and reload and light the cannon and it breaks the ceiling. climb up cannon and to the ledge on the right.(bucket received) equip crossbow and make a ladder out of arrows on the left wall. climb this quickly or it will fall. ar the top there is a ledge, jump onto it. use crowbar to open window. go back down and exit armory go to the far right of the great hall. there should be a door. if you didnt unlock it during our last walkthrough, use crowbar to unlock. exit and use bucket near a fountain . it fills with water return to armory and go to through the ceiling( you need to make another arrow ladder) use the bucet of water and the plant grows into a huge vine! exit via window and follow vine along the roof and at the top use the leafs to get to the window. enter the window. this is the laborotory. get the book on the table ( count bram’s notebook received). read some of the pages(apparently it has a recipie for anti vampirism). go to the far right and click on the lever. the hot cannonball in the mini elevator rolls under the wolfsbane. click on the wolfsbane(wilted wolfsbane received) click on the faucet on the table that has tomatoes in it(you can fly!) fly to the top shelf(garlic received). the wilted wolfsbane and garlic are part of the recipie for anti vampirism but where is the final ingredient(mandrake root)? find out in the next part tomorrow!

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