the laborotory to the towers

by:fierce sponge

We are sorry for the long wait for the part before the final part of our walkthrough. here it is!

after gathering the items in the lab, walk out the door, cross the terrace and to the opposite door. this is the throne room. jump on the casket and onto the left balcony. jump up to the cage and talk to Katya (the captured village teenager) she will tell you to find a book called: “Root Causes” exit the throne room and jump off the terrace, down to the castle entrance. enter the red door and to the bookshelf on the right side of the fire. on the 4th or 5th shelf, there is the Root Causes book (Root Causes received) read the page about the mandrake root. it says it lives on rocky ledges. look at the picture as well. exit the hall and walk to the arch. click exit . walk to the right to the wall. equip the crossbow and make another arrow ladder. climb quckly or the ladder will fall. at the top, jump to the ledge with the root growing on it (mandrake root received) the scene is the same as the picture in the book. Great, you have the ingredients for the anti-vampirism cure. go to the lab (directions to get there is in the post titled “armory to the laborotory”). click on the microscope. the mixture is: mandrake root=1 wilted wolfsbane: 3 garlic extract:3 (anti-vampirism seringe received). exit the door and into the opposite door. walk to the right and click on the barrel to the right of the cellar. use mouse to aim at the key. then hold down on the mouse to grab the key (cage key received )go up to katya and use the key to free her. then count bram comes out and you jump out the window.

we will have the final part of the walkthrough tomorrow (march 17)

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