the grand finale of vampire’s curse island

by:slippery penguin

This is the final part of our walkthrough!!!!!!!!!!

After falling out the window, you are unconcious for a few seconds then you follow Katya up the towers. While doing this, equip the garlic extract and click when Count Bram gets close to you. Vampires hate garlic so it slows him down. At the top of the tower, you climb a ladder to the balcony with Katya then it falls. you’re problably(please excuse my poor spelling) thinking “YAY!!!!!!!!!!!, Count Bram cant catch us!” But no,that’s wrong, Count Bram turns into a bat and flies up. equip crossbow. Katya puts the syringe in the crossbow. Aim at Count Bram bat and FIRE! Count Bram falls with you and Katya into the grand hall. he turns into a very old man and dies so he could be with his wife (she does look like Katya!). Christopher comes in and Katya and him get into a romantic conversation. then they kiss (YUCKKKKKKKKKK!). You then walk to the count’s robe (medallion received)

Later today, we will have a post explaining how we think a prologue might be for this island because it was a little confusing BYE!

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