vampire’s curse prologue

by:fierce sponge

This post is what we think is Count Bram’s past. We got confused near the end so we did a little thinking and research here at the studio. here’s what we came up with!

In the 1800s a man named Count Bram (“count” was a high class position in Europe back then) lived in a castle near a mountain village with his wife, Annabelle. One day when the count was walking, a vampire bat bit him(this is how he became a vampire(when you saved him,he became mortal so that means that vampires are immortal which is why he said he could finally be with his wife))! Soon after, Annabelle dies and Count Bram is determined to find a cure so he is mortal. He searches for the cure for the next 150 years (which explains the root causes book and the strange notes in his notebook). In 2012, when a teenage couple go for a walk ,he captures Katya. If you look at his wife’s picture, Katya looks just like Annabelle! (which explains why he captured her because he’s been trying to get with her after 150 years of trying to die just so he could be with her in heaven) Then (insert your poptropican’s name)comes and finds the cure, saves Katya and, turns Count Bram into a mortal. When you save the count, he’s really old (I guess your frozen in age when immortal but when you return to mortality, all that time of immortality adds to your age which explains why he dies almost instantly). I hope this cleared it up for you, if you have any questions just comment in the permalink

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