Twisted Thicket finale!

We are very sorry about the long wait. for a week, we coudn’t acess our blog via because of errors. We finally have the final walkthrough for Twisted Thicket! Enter the secret passage in the tree, inside are all the creatures you’ve encountered before and the Elf Queen. talk to the elf queen and she yells you about the magical forest and the orb that supplies magic to it. All the sudden, the construction guys come in and say that they’re going to destroy the forest to build Poptropica’s largest casino. they shatter the orb and leave! The Elf Queen tells you to take an amulet (Forest Amulet received)and stop the construction guys. she then turns to stone along with the other creatures in the tree. go right out of the tree . this is when you stop them. in the bottom right corner of your screen is the amulet, it allows you to turn into a goblin, dryad or, troll  (they each give you powers Goblin: speed run, Dryad: fly, Troll: strength). click on the goblin and run up to the first vehicle (crane). jump to the top and click troll and push on the crane shaft making it lower. turn into dryad and fly to the top of the shaft. click on the lever that drops the wrecking ball onto the bulldozer. jump down to bulldozer(directly below you) and turn into a troll. click on the wrecking ball and it lands on the dump truck knocking the guy in front of the power box off. turn into a goblin and run up to the dump truck and jump onto the power box. turn into a troll and click on the box and you destroy it. the dump truck stops and the others ram into it. the manager comes out and gives you the shards of the forest’s magical orb ( Shards received). you immediately teleport back to the elf queen and restore the orb and she comes back to life. you return the amulet to her. she then gives you the medallion ( ISLAND MEDALLION RECEIVED!) again we are sorry about the wait. we will have more details about Poptropolis Games soon !  BYE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

a change in plans

by: fierce sponge

Today, we were supposed to give you part 5 of the twisted thicket walkthrough, but we decided to post somthing else. recent pics from the sneak peeks in daily pop reveal pictures from space stations and rockets. the most intresting one came out today: a building called PASE wich stands for Poptropica Academy of Space Exploration. does this mean poptropica is going into space again(this feat has already been proved in Astro-Knights) ? But, clearly with a NASA theme (the PASE logo is very similar to NASA’s) we will have the walkthrough tomorrow! sorry if you were expecting a walkthrough!

Twisted Thicket walkthrough part 4

After receiving the rune, go right. a cutscene shows goblins coming at you. you need to run for your life!  there are obstacles as well. here is how you overcome them:

mushroom: jump over

acorn house: jump over

hanging guardpost: run under

mushroom guardpost: jump high (there are spears)

acorn house with spears in front : jump high and long to get over both


when you get to a little village, jump over the spears, landing on top of the houses, then jump into the basket on the zipline(Dokkalfar Rune received). The goblins will not catch you now even though they are still chasing you. the basket carries you over a canyon that the goblins fall into while chasing you (yay! they’re finally dead!). you are in a new area called the Sacred Tree. at this point you should have 5 runes. they are repeated on the tree trunk. the order is from left to right wich happens to be the order in wich you find them. if you’re having trouble, the order is acorn, twig, tree with no fruit, tree with fruit, tree stump. if you do it in that order, a passageway will open up. enter it.

the next walkthrough will be the finale it will be available tomorrow(april 24) C U THEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Twisted Thicket walkthrough part 3

by:Slippery Penguin

This area is called Troll Hill. there are trolls that roll boulders down the hill. continue up the hill and use ledges as much as possible instead of the ramps. at the top of the 4th level, jump to the 2nd ledge. the troll throws the rock up and it lands on it’s back and he dies. use the boulder to get to the 5th level and walk right. when you get to the rock, click on the rune (Jotunn Rune received). go right. this area is the Bioluminecent Bog. it’s called that because of the  bioluminecent mushrooms. thre is a sighn that says: “Beware the Nokken” the Nokken is invisible and you can tell if he’s nearby if you see red footprints. make your way across the bog.  you will have to swim in the water( you dont have to worry about oxygen) or jump over rocks as you cross (WARNING: IF YOU SEE RED FOOTPRINTS, DUCK TO HIDE OR TRY TO GET OUT OF THE WAY! THE NOKKEN IS DEADLY!). when you get to the other side, jump up in a leftwards direction  to a ledge and click on the rune (Nackrosor Rune received)

we should have part 4 monday( April 23rd) BYE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Twisted Thicket Walkthrough part 2

by:fierce sponge

This next area is called vine climb. there are 4 vines you can climb on (Just like the area’s name!) climb on a vine until you see an elf. when you see an elf, jump to a vine that doesn have an elf on it at that altitude. follow those steps until you get to the top (WARNING: ELVES MAY FOLLOW YOU AND HURT YOU! THEY MAY ALSO CUT VINES IF YOU DON’T JUMP QUICKLY (WHEN VINES ARE CUT, ONLY THE PART BELOW THE ELF WILL FALL!)) when you get to the top, click go up. This area is called the Forest Canopy. you say “Nothing should get me up here”-poptropican charachter) but you are wrong! when you walk right, dryad swarms come out from the leaves. here is how to deal with each swarm:

the 1st 2 swarms will charge at you after a few seconds:

for the first swarm, jump when they charge at you, then continue right

for the 2nd swarm, duck when they charge at you,then continue right

the 3rd and 4th swarms form a loop:

for these, walk into the center when an opening comes, then walk out the other side when an opening comes, then continue right

the 5th and 6th are the same as 1st and 2nd respectively

the 7th and 8th are the same as the 3rd and 4th

after the 8th swarm run right to the hill and click” go right”

we will have part 3 on friday(april 20th) bye!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Titanic: 100 years later

normally, we wouldn’t talk about non-poptropica things but this is related to poptropica. 100 years ago(April 15 1912) the RMS Titanic sank in the north Atlantic ocean because of an iceberg. This triggered the poptropica creators to create SOS island in January 2012. If we were in charge, we would’ve released SOS island today to be an exact 100 year honor. More info about the Titanic: It was traveling from Ireland to New York City. RMS stands for Royal Mail Ship.