Twisted Thicket walkthrough part1

When you arrive on main street, walk right and pass a restauraunt(common room) and a hotel called the Fijording (you can talk to some of the people on main street if you want to). click on the “go right” sign. This is the construction site. continue right and talk to the contractor(he has a white hat) and he tells you that creatures in the forest are threatening construction plans. continue right and enter forest . This is the Dryad Hollow. Click on the acorn rune in the tree(Lesovyk Rune received)continue right and a group of dryads will swarm around you. jump on to the pillar and jump over the gaps. do this quickly or the dryads will fly you away( they are much stronger than they look). click on “Go Right” this is Elven Vines  climb the branches and click “go left” on the 2nd one. This is still Elven vines. climb on a vine and jump from vine to vine (in a leftwards direction) and when you get to the other side, climb a long vine to the next level and jump from vine to vine in a rightwards direction. when you get half-way through this level, climb up the long vine and go on a branch. in the rock is a twig shaped rune, click on it(Kobold Rune received). When you get to the end of the branch, climb on a vine and jump in a rightwards direction until you get to the next branch, jump on it and click “go right”

We will have part 2 wednesday(monday April 18) goodbye!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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