Twisted Thicket Walkthrough part 2

by:fierce sponge

This next area is called vine climb. there are 4 vines you can climb on (Just like the area’s name!) climb on a vine until you see an elf. when you see an elf, jump to a vine that doesn have an elf on it at that altitude. follow those steps until you get to the top (WARNING: ELVES MAY FOLLOW YOU AND HURT YOU! THEY MAY ALSO CUT VINES IF YOU DON’T JUMP QUICKLY (WHEN VINES ARE CUT, ONLY THE PART BELOW THE ELF WILL FALL!)) when you get to the top, click go up. This area is called the Forest Canopy. you say “Nothing should get me up here”-poptropican charachter) but you are wrong! when you walk right, dryad swarms come out from the leaves. here is how to deal with each swarm:

the 1st 2 swarms will charge at you after a few seconds:

for the first swarm, jump when they charge at you, then continue right

for the 2nd swarm, duck when they charge at you,then continue right

the 3rd and 4th swarms form a loop:

for these, walk into the center when an opening comes, then walk out the other side when an opening comes, then continue right

the 5th and 6th are the same as 1st and 2nd respectively

the 7th and 8th are the same as the 3rd and 4th

after the 8th swarm run right to the hill and click” go right”

we will have part 3 on friday(april 20th) bye!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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