Twisted Thicket walkthrough part 3

by:Slippery Penguin

This area is called Troll Hill. there are trolls that roll boulders down the hill. continue up the hill and use ledges as much as possible instead of the ramps. at the top of the 4th level, jump to the 2nd ledge. the troll throws the rock up and it lands on it’s back and he dies. use the boulder to get to the 5th level and walk right. when you get to the rock, click on the rune (Jotunn Rune received). go right. this area is the Bioluminecent Bog. it’s called that because of the  bioluminecent mushrooms. thre is a sighn that says: “Beware the Nokken” the Nokken is invisible and you can tell if he’s nearby if you see red footprints. make your way across the bog.  you will have to swim in the water( you dont have to worry about oxygen) or jump over rocks as you cross (WARNING: IF YOU SEE RED FOOTPRINTS, DUCK TO HIDE OR TRY TO GET OUT OF THE WAY! THE NOKKEN IS DEADLY!). when you get to the other side, jump up in a leftwards direction  to a ledge and click on the rune (Nackrosor Rune received)

we should have part 4 monday( April 23rd) BYE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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