Twisted Thicket finale!

We are very sorry about the long wait. for a week, we coudn’t acess our blog via because of errors. We finally have the final walkthrough for Twisted Thicket! Enter the secret passage in the tree, inside are all the creatures you’ve encountered before and the Elf Queen. talk to the elf queen and she yells you about the magical forest and the orb that supplies magic to it. All the sudden, the construction guys come in and say that they’re going to destroy the forest to build Poptropica’s largest casino. they shatter the orb and leave! The Elf Queen tells you to take an amulet (Forest Amulet received)and stop the construction guys. she then turns to stone along with the other creatures in the tree. go right out of the tree . this is when you stop them. in the bottom right corner of your screen is the amulet, it allows you to turn into a goblin, dryad or, troll  (they each give you powers Goblin: speed run, Dryad: fly, Troll: strength). click on the goblin and run up to the first vehicle (crane). jump to the top and click troll and push on the crane shaft making it lower. turn into dryad and fly to the top of the shaft. click on the lever that drops the wrecking ball onto the bulldozer. jump down to bulldozer(directly below you) and turn into a troll. click on the wrecking ball and it lands on the dump truck knocking the guy in front of the power box off. turn into a goblin and run up to the dump truck and jump onto the power box. turn into a troll and click on the box and you destroy it. the dump truck stops and the others ram into it. the manager comes out and gives you the shards of the forest’s magical orb ( Shards received). you immediately teleport back to the elf queen and restore the orb and she comes back to life. you return the amulet to her. she then gives you the medallion ( ISLAND MEDALLION RECEIVED!) again we are sorry about the wait. we will have more details about Poptropolis Games soon !  BYE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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