Meet Red Turtle (finally)!

by: Red Turtle

I am so sorry. This post was supposed to happen 2 days ago but I forgot. Here is a little info about me. My name is Red Turtle. I am not a Poptropica member. I have 6 islands complete. I have been part of this blog since June 3rd. I am looking forward to many more posts with you.

Summer is here!

Today is June 20th and it’s the Summer Solstice. The Summer Solstice is the first day of summer. It’s also the day with the longest sunlight hours. on the southern hemisphere it is the exact opposite. Summer is also when Wimpy Boardwalk arrives. we predict that it will release in July to members and will release to non members in August or very late July. a trailer was released for Wimpy Boardwalk. we will post it tomorrow. also, Red Turtle  is on a vacation and you will not be able to meet him until he comes back around the 23rd of June.

Meet Purple Octopus

by: Purple Octopus

we are so sorry about the long wait! we havent posted since  June 2nd. but anyways , I would like for you to know a little bit about me. My name is Purple Octopus. I have been in the Poptropica pages team sinse June 1st.  I am not a Poptropica member and I’ve completed 16 islands (as of June 18). I am exited to be on the Poptropica pages team and I look forward to writing many more posts for you. tomorrow, you will get to meet the other new team member: Red Turtle.   


a change in crew

by: Slippery Penguin

we have a change in our crew as well as new crew members here in the studio. our fearless leader: Fierce Sponge lost his password and a new charachter: Bendy Starfish , has taken my place and I am the new leader while Bendy Starfish is the assistant. we have 2 new members as well, they are; Purple Octopus and Red Turtle (if there is a post that doesnt say who wrote it, it was written by the whole team)