Wimpy Boardwalk: Part 1

by: Bendy Starfish

This is part one of our Wimpy Boardwalk  walkthrough. we will be doing this walkthrough diffrently. we will have a list of  steps for you.

1. Talk to Greg, he tells you that he’s wasted money on a “rigged” game

2. watch the cutscene that shows Greg’s money blow in the wind. a couple of teenagers catch it and run away\

3. run right along the games and click “GO RIGHT”.

4. run to the right and find a sign that points to “The Beach’

5. click on “GO RIGHT” again

6. walk down to the photographer that sells souvenier keychains.

7. talk to him and he takes your picture for free ( the picture is in the album under freinds) he also gives you SPF 50 sunblock

8. Jump up and grab the keychain from the seagull

9. walk to the guy with the metal detector and give him the keychain you found ( it’s his, not your’s) in return, he gives you the metal detector

10. walk down to the sunburned, hairy guy ( he’s by the edge of the sea)

11. give him the sunblock, in return, he gives you some oily suntan lotion

12. walk left to the stairs, go up them, and click “GO LEFT”

13. there is a short cutscene showing the teenagers hiding under the boardwalk tricking people that try to take the money

that is the end of part one. please comment below if the new walkthrough format is more helpful or not (we would like to know for future refrence)

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