Wimpy Boardwalk: Part 2

1. go left  to the arcade and click “GO LEFT”

2. go left to the blimp and click “GO LEFT” again

3. Walk to the sign that says “Cranium Shaker.

4. climb to a cage that has a black lid on it, click on the black lid

5. carry the lid to a trash bin near the Fun House, click on the trash bin to put the lid on

6 . push the trash bin to the right  until the cotton candy cart

7. remove the lid, the bees are attracted to the sweet cotton candy

8. click on the trash can and clear the trash away, click on the popcorn bag

9. walk left to the popcorn vendor and get a free refill

10.” Go Right”  to the beach ( the furthest to the right)

11. go down the stairs to a lady on a purple towel.

12. Dump the popcorn and the pesky seagulls will swoop in to eat it. the lady runs away

13. use the metal detector on the lady’s towel and find some missing car keys. if you search the sand you will find some loose tokens to use on the games

That is the end of part 2. we will have part 3 soon

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