Wimpy Boardwalk walkthrough: part 3

we  are sorry that this wasnt posted yesterday, we lost internet acesss . Now let’s carry on with the walkthrough!

(hint: step one and two will only make sense if you read parts 1 and 2 first)

1. Run as far to the left as you can to the lady in the parking lot (the parking lot is just left of the fun house)

2. Give her the  car keys (she lost them), in return, she gives you a pair of flip flops

3. Run right until you’re at the arcade and talk to the crying kid ( he want’s you to get the frisbee that he lost on the roof)

4. Put on the flip-flops and jump up to the roof via the trash can ( you have to wear the flip flops because the roof  is scorching hot)

5. Grab the frisbee and return it to the kid, in return, the tells you that you can get a free game on the “Volcano Claw” game in the arcade if you wiggle the joystick.

6. Walk left to the Volcano Claw machine( its not very far) click on it , then wiggle the joystick vigorously.

7. Grab random items with the claw ( they will fall back down anyways). until you get the fake vomit ( YUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

8. Run left to the bumper carts ( the line is very long!) and use the fake vomit

9. everyone will run away

10. talk to the ride manager and he lets you on

11. keep bumping into Rowley’s car ( the orange  one) until he drops somthing

12. pick up the lucky rabbit’s foot (the item Rowley dropped)

that’s the end of part 3. part 4 ( the finale) will come soon


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