Wimpy Boardwalk finale!

by: Slippery Penguin

I could have posted this earlier, but I wanted to post this on the day it released to all! Here we go!

(this part will make no sense to you unless you have read all previous parts)

1. exit the the bumper cars and walk right to the Himalayan Hurl game( if you need tokens, use the metal detector on the beach( the place furthest to the right on the map)( to complete this game you need to read part 3, 2 and 1)

2. play all the other boardwalk games until you win all of them (if you need to get more tokens, use the metal detector on the beach) when you win all of them you will get the JUMBO prize

3. after you get the JUMBO prize , walk left to the boy flying the remote controlled helicopter and give him your JUMBO prize. in return, he gives you the helicopter

4. walk left and enter the fun house and climb up the ladder to the slide. apparently, Rowley is stuck in the slide

5. use the oily suntan lotion to get Rowley unstuck. it reveals that Fregley was hiding under the balls in the ballpit

6. you will automaticaly jump down to a red haired woman who apparently is  Fregley’s mom. she gives you fish sticks for finding her son

7. exit the fun house and run right until you get to the crab that is at the water’s edge

8 use the fish sticks, they will attach to the helicopter’s hook.

9. use the helicopter and fly it near the crab. the crab will see the fish stick attached and the crab grabs on. now you have a crab on the hook of your helicopter.

10. walk left, jump up the stairs and click “GO LEFT’.

11. use the helicopter -crab and fly it to the dollar bill that Greg lost. the crab grabs it with a tight grip.

12. when the teens try to pull it back , they can’t .

13. click “GO RIGHT” go under the stairs and click” GO LEFT”

14. you are now under the boardwalk, the teens that were tricking people run away with the money still in the crab’s claw.

15.Greg jumps up and grabs the money. he gives you the island medallion for your hard work

I hope this walkthough was helpful. Goodbye!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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