Lunar Colony part 1: Cape Carpenter

by: Bendy Starfish

This is part 1 of our Lunar Colony walkthrough! We will do the first part from arrival on the island to the launch to the Moon.

1. when you arrive you are in Cape Carpenter (a knockoff of the real Cape Canaveral in Florida). You may talk to the family of tourists and the astronaut on the stage to the right of the blimp but those arent nessasary.

2. go right to the Mission Control building and click “ENTER”

3. talk to the Mission Control workers (apparently, the PASE(Poptropica Administration of Space Exploration) is being shut down and they can only afford 2 mission control for the last launch)

4. then the Mission Control boss walks in and points out that the man going into space for the last launch is looking queasy. he then asks you to find somthing to calm his stomach.

5. exit the building and go left to the stage and click on the bottle (Ginger Ale received)

6. go right to the lauch zone ( just right of Mission Control) and click on the elevator button

7. jump on and click it again

8. at the top, enter the rocket

9. use the ginger ale, the astronaut feels better

10. the astronaut has you hold his helmet while he gets his wallet.

11. he then locks you in. It was a trick!

That is the end of part 1. part 2 will be posted tomorrow. Bye !

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