Lunar Colony: Voyage to the Moon!

by: Bendy Starfish

Hi, this is part 2 of our Lunar Colony Walkthrough. Hope it’s helpful!

1. after you grab the headpeice, mission control will explain how to control the rocket out of  Earth’s Atmosphere

2. when you clear the Atmosphere, Mission Control will tell you to look at the stars. Wow, this is one of the most beautiful scenes in all Poptropica.

3. then, mission control will have you steer the rocket through asteroids. try not to fill the damage meter or you’ll start all over

4. now you need to fix the dent the asteroid made. “swim” left to the compartment that says “Toolkit”

5. click on the compartment and then click the the toolkit to grab it.

6. swim right and down around the cone, then left along the bottom until you see the dent

7. click on the dent and completely fill it with the foam.

8.  then mission control tells you to turn on auto pilot until the lunar orbit ( he had to tell us now!)

                  MANY HOURS LATER………………………………………………………

9.  Now you need to fly the Lunar Lander to the surface. use the mouse button to slow down and the cursor to steer. you also need to land in the light cylinder

10. Congradulations! you made it to the Moon! ( if you want to go to another island, there is a blimp on the moon because you can’t return to Earth until your mission is complete)

I hope this helped, we will have part 3 tomorrow!

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