Lunar Colony: the Moon Bases

by: Slippery Penguin

here is part 3 of our lunar colony walkthrough. we were going to post this yesterday but we had no internet!

1. after arriving on the Moon, walk right to the airlock door and enter the Vehicle Bay.

2. Jump up to the lockers, click on the open locker to get the operator’s manual

3. exit the Vehicle Bay and enter the Barraks (where people sleep)

4 . walk right to the ladder and climb to the top floor.

5. walk left to the computer and click on the computer to read her emails ( she’s found alien artifacts!)

6. open the manual and find the directions for “Reboot”. remember them closely

7 click on the computer and enter the command on the side buttons. now you can control the Vehicle Bay airlock doors

8. set the doors to open and return to the Vehicle Bay. climb to the top right side and open the skylight.

9. jump to the platform directly below and set the reflector to face a little down from left until it hits the next reflector

10. go to the reflector on the far left  and point it twords the moon buggy

11. the moon buggy charges and now you can drive it out. click on the moon buggy and drive out.

12. once out of the vehicle bay, drive northeast to the building there (the research lab). click on the building to park the buggy.

13. there’s a rock blocking the entrance! click on the hook at the back of the buggy and attach it to the rock and the buggy pulls it away

14. enter the airlock door and walk left to the computer and read the studies. jump up to the pressure chamber and set it to high. youve been compressed!

15. jump down to the computer and walk left and squeeze through the opening in the boxes ( this is only possible if you’re compressed) and enter the infirmary ( woah, this room has a gravity glitch!)

16. walk left to the medi hose and jump to the center ( the room with a cross in it)

17.  go down in the left chamber and down to the maintenance room and click on the small vent to blow the locator device out of  the larger vent .

18 . examine the locator and apparently Salerno ( the person you need to find) is in the Bio- dome( the southwest  building)!

that is the end of part 3. part 4 will be tomorrow. also I wasnt clear that finding  commander Salerno was the reason why you were sent to the Moon . also, I’m sorry I wasnt clear about the infirmary. I didnt know how to explain it.   


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