Super Villains and Aliens

by: Purple Octopus

Late last night the Poptropica Creators announced the next Island:


This island is the return of : Binary Bard, Black Widow, Dr. Hare and Captain Crawfish. It is coming this fall!   this can’t be good for Poptropica!


This Post will also feature the final part of our Lunar Colony walkthrough

1. use the bio waste door and jump to the eye change station and change your eyes to purple ( it has to be purple!)

2. exit the lab and drive Southwest to a circular building (the Bio-dome) and park the buggy there

3. enter the dome, it turns out there is no gravity here

4. Swim to the right and get a cork, swim up ( watch for the sprayers( they stop every few seconds)) to the top

5. swim left under the sprayer that doesnt stop and plug it with the cork

6 . swim up to the door that was previously blocked by the mist and enter it. swim to the top there a person is and click on her (Commander Salerno)

7. after you have a conversation with her about aliens and geiger counters, she leaves and drops her key card. pick it up and leave the Biodome

8. there is a short chase scene when you follow Salerno by buggy  north to another base ( the Rock Lab)

9. click on the eye scanner ( you need the purple eyes for this) and are allowed in.

10. switch the conveyer belts to get down to the bottom. at the bottom walk right and do the same to get to the top right corner (the enterance to the rock lab is the top left)

11. enter the top right door ( this is the Rock Lab Vehicle Bay).climb to the top left corner and click on the white sheet ( it’s the giger counter Salerno was talking about to find the last alien monolith).

12. jump to the top center platform and knock over the far left beam

13 . return to the geiger counter and push it down the beam as a ramp and onto the buggy

14 drive the buggy around and use the meter as a guide ( the redder the meter is, the closer you are)

15. click on the purple X and use the hook to pull out the monolith, a purple light will shine, drive the buggy along the line to a place where it crosses a red light and click enter

16. Salerno meets you and starts digging, you then fall into the Alien Base

17. walk right to the end of the mysterious Alien tunnel and click on the switch. It opens a portal to an Alien World!!! Salerno jumps in and is never seen again

18. you then return to Earth and get the medallion  

We will have more on Super Villain Island soon! BYE!

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