Poptropica Islands: 10 Hardest

by: Slippery Penguin

The wait is over, I will reveal Poptropica’s 10 hardest islands. Of course, everyone has a different list.

10: Red Dragon

9: Ghost Story

8: Wild West

7: Cryptids

6: Vampire’s Curse

5: Mythology

4: Game Show

3: Super Power

2: Skullduggery

1: Astro-Knights

We will present  a list of Poptropica Islands by number of places on the island map next week.

Lunar Colony release date revealed!

There is a countdown clock on the poptropica.com homepage for Lunar Colony! The infopage says it releases on August 16 to members and to non-members on September 6. According to the clock, the island’s membership release is at 2:00 pm central time next Thursday (August 16th). We will have a walkthrough when we complete this island. BYE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PEACE!!!!!!!!!!!

Poptropica Islands: Medium Difficulty

By: Red Turtle and Purple Octopus

Hey guys, this week we are listing the Poptropica islands by difficulty (in our team’s opinion). On Tuesday, Bendy Starfish listed #s 28- 19. today we will list #s 18- 11. Here is the list!

18. Mystery Train

17. Shrink Ray

16. S.O.S

15. Spy

14. Wimpy Wonderland

13. Poptropolis Games

12. Steamworks

11. Twisted Thicket

Tomorrow on Friday, Slippery Penguin will reveal the top 10 hardest islands

Poptropica Islands: 10 easiest

By: Bendy Starfish

This week we are listing the Poptropica Islands in order from easy to hard. Of course, everyone’s list is different and this one is our own opinion. Here is the list! :

28) Early Poptropica                                                                 

27) Shark Tooth                                                                          

26) Big Nate                                                                                  

25) Reality TV                                                                             

24) 24 Carrot                                                                               

23) Nabooti                                                                                  

22) Time Tangled                                                                       

21) Great Pumpkin                                                                    

20) Counterfiet                                                                           

19) Wimpy Boardwalk                                                              

Those were the 10 easiest islands. Thursday, we will have the medium islands (#18-#11) here on the website!