Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween Poptropicans!  You should check out the Haunted House gold card in the Poptropica store to celebrate this sweet holiday! check out our youtube channel(http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCogwhtxcmgCBU4LHnaqFtnA?feature=results_main) for part 2 of our walkthrough. part 3 will be written this weekend!

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory in Poptropica?

By: Brave Shark

First, we would like to apologize for the lack of Super Villain Island walkthroughs. We are still getting everything together for you! Now for the good stuff:

  Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Logo

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is coming to Poptropica! I guess the Creators were right about making it into an island (we thought it was another prank!).  We will have more about this island and hopefully, the next parts of Super Villain Island!

Super Villain Island part 1: a Stormy Day

by: Slippery Penguin

This is part 1 of our Super Villain Island Walkthrough! hope it’s helpful!

1. When you arrive on the island, you are in an oil rig

2. Jump up to the top left of the rig and enter the office.

3. watch the cutscene that shows the manager talking to a scientist on the phone.

4. talk to the lady, she’ll let you use the helicopter to get to Dr. Jupiter’s island (the scientist)

5. exit the office and the helicopter lands. click on the helicpter and you fly away.

6. there is a cutscene of the helicopter flying into a storm.

7. the pilot tells you to jump because he can’t land on the island because of the wind. he gives you a walkie talkie to call him if you need a lift.

8.  when you jump, there is a minigame! you need to watch out for lightning (or it’ll burn a hole in your parachute)

9. when you land in the water, jump on the rocks to the flat space with a wall.

10. walk to the extreme right and jump up near the security camera, this triggers somthing to open a hole in the wall, click enter.

11. inside the building, you realize you’re in Erewhon Prison”Poptropica’s most advanced supermax facility”- Security guard at the prison’s entance.

12. walk to the right and talk to the main security guard. he lets you pass through security. It’s actually fun to watch!

13. at the end of security click enter on the door to the guard room.

14. talk to the guards and walk right to the elevator and click on the buttons and click enter.

15. as you go up, you can see villains from past islands! comment on who you see!

16. in the lab, go down to Dr. Jupiter. Doesnt he look fimiliar??

I’m sorry that we cant post video walkthroughs, stupid Google wont let us make an account! we can’t get to youtube without a google account!

Meet Brave Shark!

By: Brave Shark

Hi guys, Brave Shark here! I’m sorry to say that our team is still working on Super Villain Island and the walkthrough should be posted tomorrow or this weekend. I’m extremely exited to be on the Poptropica Pages team! I am currently not a member and have completed 5 of Poptropica’s 30 islands. I am looking forward to many more posts on this website!