Super Villain Island part 3

Because of technical difficulties, part 3 of our walkthrough had to be written. Here it is!

1. In Black Widow’s dream, equip the sprayer with turpentine(paint thinner) and enter the first painting, the Black Widow will get mad and send her spider minions after you.

2 in the first painting, get the shrinking  potion in the upper right corner.In the second painting, the crystal key is hanging on the crecent moon. the third painting has no item to get. be sure to clean up the grafiti in each painting!

3. after cleaning the grafiti, the Black Widow will try to stop you from destroying her portrait. when you get near her painting, try to spray it.

4. the Black Widow will die after you destroy her portrait.

5. pick up the paintbrush totem.

6. enter Capt’n Crawfish’s dream

7. walk to the right to a ship in the bottle without waking the sleeping pirates!

8. use shrinking potion to enter bottle

9. jump onto the masts and trap the pirates in the boxes without waking them up!

 10. with the pirates in boxes, go to the deck andget to the cannons without pirates sleeping on them. on the deck above, there are rolling cannons with pirates. the cannons when there are no pirates in the way.

12. the bottle will crack and you will return to normal height. you will get the ship as Capt’n Crawfish’s totem

13. exit the dream

We hope this was helpful! part 4 will (hopefully) be in video!

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