Winter Break

After a long year of 90 posts, we are taking a break until 2013 starts. So, sit back, relax and have a happy holidays wether it’s Christmas or Chanukka and have a happy New Year!


Zomberry Island Release

Zomberry Island released on wednesday. We should’ve talked about it right away but we’ve been busy with Christmas things and the dreaded final exams. For the Last 4 years, Poptropica has given us an island around Christmas! here they are:

dec. 10 2008: Nabooti Island

dec. 23 2009 (early access ticket): Counterfiet island (Jan. 4 2010 for all)

dec. 20 2010 (membership) : Cryptids island (Jan. 18 2011 for all)

dec. 15 2011 (membership): Ghost Story island(Jan. 12 2012 for all)

dec. 19 2012 (membership) Zomberry island( Jan. 10 2013 for all) 

Can you find what’s causing the zombie outbreak before it spreads? where did the cause come from? when did the outbreak start? are you up to the challenge to save Eastman city? play Zomberry island to find out! access to everyone on January 10 2013!

Zomberry Island trailer(and release date)!

Zomberry Island will release to members at 1:00pm central time on wednesday, Dec. 19. That’s next Wednesday!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It releases to all on January 10. this is our youtube channel where Charlie & the Chocolate Factory walkthrough part 2 is.