Night Watch Island Trailer and Poptropolis Update

We think Night Watch island will be awesome! The sad news is that Mews Foundation is predicting Poptropolis games to sink into the Great Poptropican Ocean on Jan. 24! that’s next thursday! Night Watch Island will then be the 32nd Island instead of 33rd

Next Poptropica island!

We are happy to announce Poptropica’s 33rd island:

We will have more info on this exiting island. It probaly has to do with criminals and late night security guards (just like Counterfiet)! The Zomberry Island finale will be on Youtube later tonight or tomorrow.

Happy New Year: 2013!

2012 was a special year. Poptropicapages was created, we posted 90 posts, 9 islands released. we will have a poll to vote on your favorite island in 2012! Also, next tuesday (January 8) is our first birthday! All this week, we will post the Zomberry island walkthroughs on youtube. We hope 2013 has fun Islands released