Happy New Year: 2013!

2012 was a special year. Poptropicapages was created, we posted 90 posts, 9 islands released. we will have a poll to vote on your favorite island in 2012! Also, next tuesday (January 8) is our first birthday! All this week, we will post the Zomberry island walkthroughs on youtube. We hope 2013 has fun Islands released

Poptropica Islands: Medium Difficulty

By: Red Turtle and Purple Octopus

Hey guys, this week we are listing the Poptropica islands by difficulty (in our team’s opinion). On Tuesday, Bendy Starfish listed #s 28- 19. today we will list #s 18- 11. Here is the list!

18. Mystery Train

17. Shrink Ray

16. S.O.S

15. Spy

14. Wimpy Wonderland

13. Poptropolis Games

12. Steamworks

11. Twisted Thicket

Tomorrow on Friday, Slippery Penguin will reveal the top 10 hardest islands

Let The Games Begin!

        Poptropolis has risen out of the sea! The Poptropolis games have begun. Choose your tribe (we have chosen Flying Squid). to complete the island, you need to get in 1st place to win glory for your tribe. Sadly we will not have a walkthrough because once you get to the coliseum ( to get there, go right from main street), they give you directions for each gruling event. the 8 events are: Archery, Diving, Pole Vault, Long Jump, Triple Jump, Weightlifting, Javelin Throw and, Shot Put.

Tribes of Poptropica: part4

These are the last 2 tribes of Poptropica: Pathfinders and Wildfire

the Pathfinders are represented by a compass

Wildfire is represented by a swirling fire

We will have a poll open for a week! the poll lets you vote on your favorite tribe! there are 8 to choose from. also, Poptropolis Games begin on May 24th @ 2:00 central time. We will let you know about this exiting release the day it comes. in the meantime, have fun in Poptropica!!!!!!!!!