Happy New Year: 2013!

2012 was a special year. Poptropicapages was created, we posted 90 posts, 9 islands released. we will have a poll to vote on your favorite island in 2012! Also, next tuesday (January 8) is our first birthday! All this week, we will post the Zomberry island walkthroughs on youtube. We hope 2013 has fun Islands released

Poptropica Islands: Medium Difficulty

By: Red Turtle and Purple Octopus

Hey guys, this week we are listing the Poptropica islands by difficulty (in our team’s opinion). On Tuesday, Bendy Starfish listed #s 28- 19. today we will list #s 18- 11. Here is the list!

18. Mystery Train

17. Shrink Ray

16. S.O.S

15. Spy

14. Wimpy Wonderland

13. Poptropolis Games

12. Steamworks

11. Twisted Thicket

Tomorrow on Friday, Slippery Penguin will reveal the top 10 hardest islands

The Titanic: 100 years later

normally, we wouldn’t talk about non-poptropica things but this is related to poptropica. 100 years ago(April 15 1912) the RMS Titanic sank in the north Atlantic ocean because of an iceberg. This triggered the poptropica creators to create SOS island in January 2012. If we were in charge, we would’ve released SOS island today to be an exact 100 year honor. More info about the Titanic: It was traveling from Ireland to New York City. RMS stands for Royal Mail Ship.

the final rescue!

Welcome back! This is the final rescue on S.O.S. island in poptropica:  the captain of the Pequod !


Return to the ship,(It’s upside down! :)) Enter the hole . Swim right,up, down, left (watch out for eels!), up, left. Then enter ballroom. swim to top left corner (while doing this watch out for: jellyfish, currents and your air supply wich can be restored by bubbles) enter the vent wich takes you to the hallway. swim right, and enter the first vent after the fallen lights. this takes you to the galley. swim along the open path (watch out for the wierd sea creatures that have eating utensils on them;) go left, this takes you to the bridge. swim to the left wall ( watch out for unusually large crabs(what is up with these obstacles!!!!!!!!!)) swim down, then right and talk to the captain. it is revealed that the wreck was caused by the captain crashing into an iceberg while chasing a whale. use pipe wrench to turn the knob on the whale song device. use whale song device. the whale shows up, breaks a window, sucks you and the captain in it’s mouth, and squirts you and the capt. out it’s blowhole at the rescue camp. the capt. thanks you for saving him and gives you the medallion. YAY we finished S.O.S. island. come back to this website for more walkthroughs

Save the chef!

The 4th rescue is to save the chef on the Pequod.


Return to the ship and swim to the 1st life preserver and climb to the top using ledges, ropes etc..Enter the hole. in this room watch our for the steam as you climb to the top-center and push a cube of junk down the left side into the water. a cut- scene shows a propellor fall into the water. Go to the propellor and push it and click on “GO DOWN”. You are now in the ballroom. Swim left and click”EXIT”. Surface and climb up the broken lights and enter a vent. enter the freezer and click on boxes unil the chef (that is frozen) falls out. push him out of the freezer and push him down . when you see a box, push it to fill up places where he would get stuck. the 2nd place where he would get stuck requires a box and a lettuce crate found on a ledge. push him into a heater where he melts. then you save him and bring him to the rescue camp. Come back tomorrow to see how to save the captain!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

the next rescue

These are the next rescues from the Pequod on S.O.S. island.


Return to the ship.It’s done a nose dive! 🙂  climb the iceberg and onto the satellite. Find your way to the top by climbing up ledges, pulleys, rope etc. Go in a hole in the top and  fall down the hall. At the bottom, there is a gear. Turn it and the water rises. A box goes up with the water and reveals a secret vent. Enter it an you’ll be in the ballroom. Swim up to the surface while dodging jellyfish. climb up the pillars. at the top there are switches you turn. turn them until all point a path to the red sack. the water fills the sack and bursts. go up to the boiler and talk to the girl. she turns a green valve in the top right corner. go to the top left corner before the steam and turn the green valve. Procede to the bottom right corner and turn the yellow valve. Next, to the other yellow valve below the green one on the right side. at the bottom right corner, there is a red valve, turn it and go to the other one below the yellow valve #2. Below the green valve the girl turned, there is a blue one. go to the right side and the 2nd blue valve is between the 2 red ones. turn it and talk to the girl and tell her the captain orderd her off the ship. then you rescue her. It turns out that the captain didnt order her off the ship and it was a lie. she cusses at you but thanks you for saving her. She gives you a pipe wrench. come back tomorrow for the next rescue. Bye!!!!!!!!!!!

the first 2 rescues of S.O.S.

First, you swim behind the ice wall and climb to the ledge above the main deck. Then you push a ice ball that destroys the ice wall blocking the entrance to the Pequod. Enter the ship and enter the bridge and talk to the captain. He then lets you turn a switch that unlocks the cabin doors. Go up the hall to cabin #6 and talk to him. then you take him to the rescue camp. You get a whale song device from him.


Return to the ship and swim to the ballroom. There is a woman that cant swim. Go downstairs and pick up the root beer. Go to one of the glass columns and shoot the cap at it. You need to do it a few times and the water releases.The room’s water rises. Repeat on the other side. The woman is on a raft. You push her to the door and go to the rescue camp. Come back tomorrow for the next rescue from the sinking ship Pequod