Poptropica Stories

These are humerous Poptropica related stories that we wrote ourselves

Have you ever thought about the inside of Booga the Shark? here’s a fun story:

Slippery Penguin and the Big Shark

Ch. 1

On Shark Tooth Island, a tourist came. Her name was Slippery Penguin of the Pathfinder Tribe. She visited the Tourist Center and fount out about a great, big shark named Booga that tyrranized the island since the natives came. But a Poptropican in the past put him to sleep. Not much exitement there. But the shark has awoken from it’s long sleep. Slippery Penguin wanted to find Booga and take him down! But natives warned her tha Booga would eat her in one bite! She traveled to Red Dragon Island to be trained by the master Basho but the Shogun captured her because she didn’t have a passport.

Ch. 2

In the prison, Slippery Penguin (along with other prisoners) started to die from hunger until Basho raided the prison and set all the prisoners free. Slippery Penguin asked Basho if he would train her to be a ninja! He agreed and she became a master in 3 months! She then hurried to Skullduggery where she gathered a crew of swashbucklers and bucaneers. They set sail on a small, but good, ship to Shark Tooth where there was a great battle with Booga! Slippery Penguin was eaten alive!


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